Food Vendors

Cook's Corner Family Restaurant

3150 Route 715
Henryville, PA 18332
Roasted Garlic Harvest Chowder, Potato& Cheese Pierogies Sauteed in Garlic and Onion Butter, Smoked Garlic Keilbasa with Garlic Kraut

The Pickle Guys
1364 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230
New Pickles, ½ Sour Pickles, Full Sour Pickles, Hot Pickles, Pickled Garlic, Garlic Stuffed Olives, Okra, String beans, Celery, Turnips, Black Olives, Green Olives, Tomatoes, Pineapples, Carrots, Peppers

Anita’s Gaucamole

Goomba’s New York Pizza

Woods’s Wings

Kfarsghab Club

Chicken and Garlic on a Pita

Sycamore Grill
92 Main Street
Delaware Water Gap, PA
Roasted Garlic Crab Cake Sandwich, Garlic Drenched Fries, Garlic Risotto Balls, Coconut Shrimp w/Sweet Garlic Dipping Sauce, Garlic & Parmesann Wings, Garlic Stew, Fried Garlic w/ Garlic Dip & Crackers, Roasted Garlic Cotton Candy & fresh squeezed lemonade

Awesome Specialities

Black and Blue

Casa de Jorge Salsa


Pappardelle's Pasta/Sou-Pasta

Rivals Sports Bar and Restaurant

Rolling Hills Garlic Vinegar


Sumac Catering & Event

Tastefully Simple

Terre Cafe

Torch Bearer Sauces

Garlic Farmers

Josie Porter Farm

Burdick Creek Gardens

Knob View Farm

Mountaindale Farms

Vista Farm

Alpine Heritage Creamery

Red Hawk Premium Peppers

Valley Organic Garlic Farm

Other Vendors

CUTCO Cutlery

American-made knives since 1949, demonstrated by Bethlehem-based representative Gretchen Ott (484-903-8362)

JD Gourmet

25 year aged Balsamic Vinegar + Olive Oil blends in sealed bottles – 25 flavors! Embroidered aprons and bags with garlic knots

Awesome Specialities

Dip Mixes, Seasoning Blends Wow,Gobs of Garlic, Soup and cookie mixes including Garlicky Potato Soup

Torch Bearers Sauces

Garlic Sauce, Honey Garlic, Chipolte BBQ, Fultry, Zombie, Apocalypse, Rapture

Demca Demo

Handmade ceramic grater plates

Artists at Heart

Garlic Bakers, Garlic Earrings, Hand Crafted locally made Jewelry, hand crafted Wood Products, handcrafted locally made pottery, Hand Sewn Doll Clothes

Pappardelle’s Pasta & Sou-Pasta

80 flavors of dry pasta sold in 1 pound bags, 10+ garlic flavors
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